Elderly Health

Influenza vaccination in older adults (aged 65 years or older)

Individuals who received a seasonal influenza vaccination (numerator), among Individuals aged 65 years or older (denominator)


Influenza (flu) is a common and contagious respiratory illness caused by a set of viruses that can result in serious complications or death [1]. During influenza seasons, approximately 90% of influenza-related deaths occur in the elderly [2]. A seasonal influenza vaccine is therefore recommended in Israel for the entire population (aged 6 months or older), with a special emphasis on several high-risk groups, including all persons aged 65 years or older [3].


Individuals in the denominator who received a seasonal influenza vaccination


Individuals aged 65 years or older




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Influenza vaccination by year
Influenza vaccination by socio-economic position (1-lowest, 4-highest) and sex
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