Children and Adolescents

Prevalence of anemia among infants aged 9-18 months

Infants who had anemia (numerator), among Infants aged 9-18 months with a recorded hemoglobin level (denominator)


Iron-deficiency in childhood has been associated with delayed cognitive and motor development [1]. The Israeli Ministry of Health issued guidelines for oral iron supplementation to all infants aged 4-18 months, and a hemoglobin test after 9 months of age [2].


Infants in the denominator who had anemia (had Hgb level <= 10.5 mg/dL)


Infants aged 9-18 months with a recorded hemoglobin level




[1] Pala E, Erguven M, Guven S, Erdogan M, Balta T. Psychomotor development in children with iron deficiency and iron-deficiency anemia. Food Nutr Bull. 2010; 31(3): 431-5.
[2] In Hebrew: משרד הבריאות. תדריך למניעת אנמיה וחוסר ברזל בתינוקות ובפעוטות. חוזר ראש שירותי בריאות .2012 באוגוסט, 13 הציבור Available at:

Prevalence of anemia by year
Prevalence of anemia by socio-economic position (1-lowest, 4-highest) and sex
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